NOVEMBER 4, 2020

               DECEMBER 2, 2020

                   COURT DATES 2021

JANUARY 6            APRIL 7          JULY 7                      OCTOBER 6

FEBRUARY 3         MAY 5            AUGUST 4               NOVEMBER 3

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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the court rules have been modified to accommodate the social distancing guidelines issued for your safety and ours. Rules are as Follows:

Defendants are to maintain 6 feet distance from court personnel bench.

Family and friends of defendants will wait outside the building (including children.)

  Defendant may request that these persons be in the Courtroom during the time the Defendant

  is at the Bench, request will be granted if no unnecessary delay or exposure is likely to result.

Defendants’ temperature will be taken, if over 100 degrees, new court date will be given.

Hand sanitizer will be available and will be used by all persons entering the building.

Defendants will have to wear facial mask. If you do not have one, one will be provided for you.

Turn off all cellphones while in the Courtroom.

Remove all hats while in the Courtroom.

Once you sign in and available seats are occupied, the rest of defendants must wait in their respective vehicles or outside the building for your number to be called.

Defendants are to exit the Courtroom when processing of case is concluded.


            Douglas is located in Marshall  County on beautiful Sand Mountain.  Douglas offers a quiet, rural lifestyle and opportunities for expansion.  It is a great place to live.

Douglas has a population of 744.  The school system is part of the Marshall County School System and has approximately 2,150 students and 125 teachers in pre-school through high school.