Frequently Asked Questions




Q.   I do  not wish to enter a plea on my ticket.  Can I just pay it?

A.   NO by  Alabama law, you must enter a plea of guilty or not guilty on your ticket.   Magistrates  can only accept payment if it is accompanied by a plea of guilty.  If you wish to enter a not guilty plea,  you must appear in court.

Q.  I want to settle my ticket before court, but I can’t pay the fine in full.  Can I schedule payment?

A   You must be prepared to pay fines and costs in full.

Q.  I got a minor traffic ticket.  What happens if I just let it go and do not settle it?

A.  Any time a citation is issued, a court date is given.  If you do not settle the ticket before Court, you are required to appear in court on the date assigned.   If you fail to appear, a warrant may be issued and your license may be suspended.  To avoid further action on the part of the Court, it is very important that you settle your ticket on time.

Q.  I was given a citation for not having vehicle insurance.  I purchased insurance after receiving the ticket.  Can the ticket be dismissed?

A.  NO,  Alabama law requires all drivers to possess proof of insurance.  If you did not have insurance at the time the citation was issued, you were in violation of the law.

Q.  Can payments be made by debit card or on-line?

A.  YES.  Douglas Municipal Court accepts Debit or Credit Cards.  See Municipal Court Page for information.