Douglas Fire Department

The Douglas Fire Department is a volunteer/paid on-call department. Our fire jurisdiction, which is part of the Marshall County Fire District 31, covers approximately 55 square miles. We have one station and is located at 135 Alabama Highway 168. Our current ISO rating is a 5/9. If you have any questions about the Douglas Fire Department, please email us at:

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The objectives of the Douglas Volunteer Fire Department are as follows:

To provide the best possible fire protection for the citizens and surrounding communities of Douglas, Ala.

To aid in the continued training of volunteer firemen and to cause the upgrading of the members and the Department.

To cause, through the Department, an increased awareness by the general public of the work and purpose of volunteer fire departments

To perform those public services for the general public, which will result in the awareness by the public of fire hazards in public and private buildings, and to assist in the removal of those fire hazards.

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