2018 Christmas Parade Information

December 10,  5:30 PM

No rain date for the parade.


Registration form for parade entries. Registration is required for all entries.

Safety Guidelines

  1. Drivers of vehicles, floats and horses must be at least 21 years of age,  have a  license for the vehicle being operated, and must have liability insurance
  2. Small children will not be allowed to ride on top of cars and must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 21.
  3. Float riders will not be allowed to hang their feet over the sides of the float. Parade participants must stay on the float at all times once the parade is in motion.

Floats, Vehicle Entries, and Walking Groups

Everyone should enter the football field at the overpass entrance located directly across from the Douglas United Methodist Church.  This is the ONLY entrance.  A parade representative will be at the entrance to guide you to your line up location. Once a float, car, truck, or other similar moving vehicle arrives in the parade line-up, a driver must be with the vehicle at all times.  There must be an adult on floats where there are children.  All walking groups should meet at the tennis courts.  You will be directed to your line up location.  If you have participants being dropped off, the vehicle will enter the same as floats, drive in, drop the participants with a parade representative, and exit the parking lot.  You MAY NOT park.  Parade representatives will walk children to their location.

Parade Route

Parade Route 2018 Christmas Parade

The parade route will begin at staging area at football field.  Will exit from Stadium Circle to Hwy. 75.  Turn left onto Hwy 75.  Turn right at access road to school, parade will follow road behind High School and enter onto to Bethlehem Road next to softball field.  Follow Bethlehem Rd. to Intersection at Hwy. 75.   Turn left onto Hwy  75 then enter Stadium Circle at the Overpass to return to staging area.

Rules and Regulations All vehicles, bands, and walking groups must be registered with the parade committee.  Due to safety factors, 4 wheeler/ATV’s will not be allowed in the parade.